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Not even 3 years old and already hooked on skateboarding. Burbank, Ca. Feb. 1974

My name is Drew Domkus, I was born and raised in Southern California in the 70’s and have been skateboarding for as long as I can remember. I remember being a kid with a little plastic GT skateboard (just like this one) and the big thing was to ride the width of your front yard on the curb. The trucks were narrow enough to fit both wheels on the curb and I clocked many hours at it. As the boards got bigger and the actual thing called skateboarding became real, I tried to keep up as best as I could.

Drew Domkus

Growing up where it was all happening helped of course and I got heavy into riding half pipes and empty swimming pools, as well as street skating. Street skating was frowned upon and actually made illegal in Burbank where I lived, you wern’t allowed to skate on the street. I even got a ticket one time riding my skateboard from my house to the corner where the sidewalk started 4 houses away, a cop saw me, came back on me through the alley and busted me. So LAME!!

Drew Domkus

I skated a LOT until I came down with mono in high school and had to chill out and recuperate. Looking back I regret not getting back onto a board right away, but other things in life caught my attention and I never really considered myself good enough to try to get sponsored or become pro or anything, so I stopped…

I met my wife back in ’94 and still hadn’t really skated since maybe ’89 and met one her ex boyfriends who was an amazing skater. I got a little bit into it again, but considered myself too old to really do much, especially after going to a skate park with him and bailing hardcore dropping into a big wooden bowl, that really shut me down, and so I got into golfing or something.

Fast forward to 2010 and I’m living in the Costa Rican jungle and there’s a skate park with a mini half pipe there! Right next to a coral reef!! It was the real catalyst for this old guy to give it another go, and to get properly hooked again on this awesome form of self expression.

I’m living back on our farm in Wisconsin now, I turned 40 in October of 2011 and decided it was finally time to build my own skate space since I now have plenty of room. That started a year ago with a 4′ mini halfpipe and I’m now setting aside some space for a small cement park in the same barn. Lots of continual photos are being added to this Flickr set.

My Gear

Alien Workshop Rob Dyrdek Headphones 7.625″x31.125″ deck, 139mm Independent trucks, 53mm Ambush wheels, Bones Reds bearings

Milwaukee 4Seasons Skatepark 8.25″ deck, Bullet 139 trucks, Blueprint wheels

VANS Skate HI Bad Brains shoes

8×24′ Halfpipe, 4′ tall, 6’10” transition

Build photos over here.

I’m here to tell you that it’s never too late to start feeling young again!

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